Encounters in Goa

We started the Encounters´s Project this week in Goa at the end of monsoon season. Around 40 children, from 7 to 10 years old from Bal Bhavan, an art school in Panjin started to do the book with their life´s story. We had konkani, portuguese, hindi, marati e and english words, dreams with elephants gods, samosas and bajias, snakes in the park, jasmine in the hair, cricket, flower paintings..

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  1. adelina gouveia says:

    Querida Margarida
    Então na terra dos meus Pais? Beije esse chão e esses meninos por mim e que tudo, tudo seja à medida dos seus sonhos.
    FELICIDADES para si, para o projeto, para… que todos os deuses estejam consigo.
    Um abraço

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