Sadhana´s hand made postcards catalogue

We even have more color combinations… Start to order the postcards, sending me an email: [email protected] Christmas is knowing the door and this is a friendly and beautiful proposal for everyone. Because Sadhana Forest it´s not a profitable project, instead of selling, we receive donation in change for postcards, we suggest between 2 and 3 € per postcard and we offer you the postal expenses. Thank you so much Sadhana for the pictures, you are the perfect model (Sadhana is also the name of the little girl in the pictures.

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  1. Marta Barata says:

    Boa tarde,

    Gostaria de receber os 8 postais. Agradeço o envio para a morada:
    rua da cruz vermelha nº 13, 2ºDtº, 1600-052 Lisboa, Portugal.

    Muito obrigada e bom trabalho

    Marta Barata

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