Encounters in Green School, Bali

Sometimes we find amazing pioneer projects that not only are real social and educational experiences but also and inspiration for all of us. Green School in Bali is one of these projects. It was a pleasure to be able to spend some days in Green School, doing the Encounters workshop, and at the some time meeting the people (teachers, students, parents, staff) that creates and recreates this special school every day. In the last day I was lucky to participate in a fundraising party with the fantastic Green School marimba group!

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  1. This term the Green School Community is hitting the ground running with many exciting developments and new projects taking place. .We will be holding our second Changemaker Forum on Tuesday 12th April from 3.30pm to 5.00 pm in the Heart of School..This is for parents students teachers and staff who want to be involved in the projects that help us to nurture and grow Green School. We will also be sharing the progress made by the Green School Board in managing the school s current growth from their meeting during the school break..If you are ready to jump straight in and can t wait the week until our forum come and join one of the Green Teams at the Heart of School at the Green Team weekly meeting this Tuesday 3.30pm…

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