Library Rancho in Ponta Negra, Paraty

Libraries can be created everywhere! Trees, clouds and even boats can be bookshelves!What a wonderful idea thinking that we can find books inside boats sailing into the seas… In my last trip to Brazil I was lucky to find these boats from Ponta Negra beach, very near Paraty! The idea came from two ex-primary schools teachers that worked in that fisherman´s community: Claúdio and Carlos. They created Rancho (the place to storage boats and fish nets) Library. In July, everyone from the community had access to books and plenty activities like story-telling, cinema sessions, dance, music, workshops. I was proud to collaborate with this project doing the Encounters workshop. Caiçara´s children had the opportunity to tell their stories. Thanks everyone for the collaboration!

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  1. Tiago Pina says:

    É no Mar que podemos encontrar um conjunto de boas pessoas. Quem o ama e respeita tem inúmeras histórias para contar. É bom saber que navegas à procura dessas boas histórias.

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