Sadhana ForestSadhana Forest

Do you want to paint your life? This was how Sadhana postcard fundraising project started? there we were, me and a group of children and volunteers from children´s land, an educative project from Sadhana Forest, Auroville, India. After a big yes, the children started to paint self-portraits, local houses, the school bus, birds, animals, children´s games… beautiful drawings. I really wanted to collaborate with this altruist project called sadhana Forest but 2 weeks is really short time to develop the Encounters project. So, we decided to use local children imagery to creat postcards. With the help of the children and the volunteers we painted 1000 postcards using the stencil technique. The recycled paper was generously donated by Auroville papers.

Do you want to be part of this amazing educative project to plant the Indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest in India?
It´s very easy, you just need to buy beautiful hand-made and eco-friendly postcards. The children from children´s land are waiting for your donation to finally built their hut… If you are in Portugal just send me an email, so I can send you all the details, if you are in Europe and if you want to be a focal point for this project in your country send me an mail too, we need more people to spread this idea. We have 1000 postcards to fly way…

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